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Funny videos


Funny videos is a collection of the best funny videos circulating on the network. In funny videos you'll find hours of fun and laughter for free.You'll find all kinds of funny videos such as:
  - Funny videos of cats, where you will see lots of cats making mischief or playing with the children.  - Funny videos of dogs or other animals such as horses, monkeys, bulls ...  - Short funny and vintage videos.  - Funny Falls in the most unpredictable moments  - Hidden cameras and TV jokes.  - Funny videos of babies with the funniest babies  - Funny News where laughter is guaranteed.  - Spicy Videos, a compilation of outtakes television with the best sexy models.  - Collections of funny videos, 2014, 2015 and 2016  - Compilation of viral videos circulating on the network.  - Fails in sport, football, basketball, tennis ...
Hours of fun guaranteed and regularly updated, if as you read, free funny videos are updated regularly with the funniest videos.
With funny videos will not stop laughing, either alone with friends and family. You can also share the application on social networks like Whatsapp. If you want free hours of fun and laughter this is your application
The application has the following characteristics:  - The content is updated regularly, do not worry when you have seen all the videosfunny for babies, as more will be added soon.  - You can give feedback on the application, we examine all suggestions  - You will find the best funny videos for whatsapp  - The application is free and not have to pay anything for it. Laughing is free  - You can share any video on social networks  - The application records your videos and marks you seen that have been updated since your last login.  - Updated with the most watched videos and social networks shared by whatsapp
All videos contained in this application are public and are hosted on Youtube. The videos can not be downloaded, even if shared by the major social networks or whatspap